The One Programming Language

It is an open source, self-hosted, bootstrapping system programming language which makes it easy to build reliable and efficient software.

Licence: MIT GitHub

Why One?

Generate a live URL in seconds that you can share to anyone with a browser, no software or dependencies needed. Chat, draw, and edit code directly in the browser, with no need to redeploy.
Ready in Seconds

Generate a live URL in seconds. No build step required.

In-browser Editing

With new technology like ES Modules, ServiceWorkers, and WebAssembly.

Invite Your Whole Team

Collaborate with non-developers faster than ever before.


All you need is a web browser. No downloads or extensions needed.

Secure by Default

All code runs inside the browser, not on virtual machines or your device.

Faster than Local Dev

Because it runs entirely within the browser, server responses have less latency than localhost.

Who’s Using One

We’re honored some of the most talented creatives out there build with One